Vintage Romance in a Timeless Fashion

I pondered how I would define the stories I write as I created this site.  A Vintage Heart in Hollywood is obvious and it’s a Contemporary Romance, but that’s not the only kind of story I write.  I also write futuristic space opera and Fantasy Historical.


This image is clipped from a photograph of a sculpture of Cupid waking Psyche, a love story from Ancient Greece.  It was the header image for my old book review blog, Enduring Romance.

I realized the one thing my stories have in common is what I call ‘vintage romance.’  This is about virtue, but not necessarily a moral set by any religion.  The virtues are Trust, Respect, Sincerity, Self-Sacrifice, Hope, Kindness, Patience, Loyalty, all necessary for true love to endure.  Of course, my characters don’t start out or always practice these virtues.  That wouldn’t be believable as human beings.  But, they get it enough by The End so the reader can be confident that they will, indeed, live happily ever after.  My stories are all about this kind of love and the sexual act is only one expression of it.  I guess after twenty years of marriage, my definition has refined to this point.

Towards the end of A Vintage Heart, the hero, Jack, is interviewed on a talk show.  The host is overcome with desire for a pecan pie, so he is left reading out loud from a dictionary.  This is what he reads,

“’Love – the unselfish, loyal, and benevolent concern for the good of another.’”