How My Stories Go from Imagination to Polished Manuscript, Part Two


Blake's 1st Book – <i>Save the Cat!®: The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need</i>

Again, your mileage may vary.  It all depends on how your imagination works.  My imagination is visual and I’m still learning.  I think in pictures and it gets very messy.  Metaphorically speaking, a story comes to me like a ton of dirty, mismatched socks trekkies2dumped on me all at once.  I’ve learned to just go with it.  So, the second step is Sorting It All Out.

I have no interest in Screenwriting, but have found many of their tools extremely helpful.  I was set on this path by  Jacqueline Lichtenberg, author of a huge backlist of novels, contributor to Trekkies 2 and co-author of Star Trek Lives! 

Jacqueline’s big site-

Jacqueline’s posts every Tuesday at Alien Romances-

On the Star Trek site-

Unto Zeor, Forever

She introduced me to Save the Cat!   

She also suggests writing the Logline first.  Here’s a great video on how to do that-

Both of these things have helped me enormously in getting those huge, messy stories 51nVS1G+XXL__AC_UL320_SR224,320_sorted into manageable stacks of utter lunacy.  If you find your stories making you crazy too, I strongly suggest popping over to Jacqueline’s site and learning all you can.  😉

Some storytellers seem to be born knowing how to structure a story.  That’s not me.  I still need a guide every step of the way.  I get into the nitty-gritty with the Monomyth after Save the Cat!

This concept was brought to a lot of us through Joseph Campbell, whose student, George Lucus, blew moviemaking out of the water with the original Star Wars. 


Check this link out to see what I mean-

Happy writing, Storytellers.  🙂