Elves & Aliens & Mythology

“Bianca, what’s…wait, a male elf?” Ophelia, my sister, piped in at my elbow. “I thought they went extinct with Grandpa!” In fact, she’d concluded the day before that she and me and Grandma were the last elves on earth. “Well, he’s not a Vulcan.” -Ophelia, the Sci-Fi geek twin of the Heroine of An American Elf.


Sandro Boticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus.’

Aliens are the techn0geek offspring of Elves.  Okay, that’s an exaggeration.  Or a metaphor.  What I mean to say is Science Fiction was born out of Fantasy which was born out of mythology which represents the greatest stories of humanity.

This new blogging topic is called Elves, Martians, and Brass Goggles because I’m also including Alternate History which I would put Steampunk under, for which brass goggles are famous.  Also included under Alternate History is Time Travel.


Time Travel combines Science Fiction OR Fantasy with my other favorite genre, Historicals.  Did I mention I love a buffet?

Happy Tuesday, Buds.