Kicking ‘Angel & the Cityboy’ Out the Door

Took me about two months to write, revise, and edit this novella of about 17,000 words, which is pretty good, all things considering.  Critiques are coming back good.  It’s my first Western Romance (contemporary) and there is no nookie involved, though lots of romantic tension.  I didn’t intentionally write it that way.  It just made sense for these two characters.  I let them call the shots.bison_herd_grazing_at_the_national_bison_range

Okay, so you’re probably thinking, “I thought you were into elves, Kimber Li.  What’s with the cowgirl?”

I’m a buffet kind of girl.  I hang up Christmas decorations while watching The Walking Dead.   My husband calls it ‘bubbles.’  I think in pictures and all over the placeWe’ve been married for decades, so he’s used to it.

All things considered, this novella will probably launch into Queryland on Monday.  Though it may endure another revise/edit, here is the logline:

A Beverly Hills real estate broker crashes his Mercedes sedan on a crazed trip through a Montana blizzard and is rescued by a fierce cowgirl who lets him repay her by pretending to be her boyfriend at a huge family wedding.