Project Plan for this Autumn

a-naiad-study-1893Pat on my back for getting a novel and a novella out the door within the span of six months after four years out of commission for physical reasons!  Applause!

Okay, enough of that, on to the next thing.

As mention in previous posts, I’ve gotten my rights back on four previously ePublished stories, two novels and two novella/short stories.  Three of these are in the same series.  I’ve decided to revise and Independently Publish them through Amazon Kindle.

The first one is a Short story/Novella and it will be released as a serial story right here on this blog over the course of six or seven Fridays, leading up to the release of the first novel around the end of November.  The second will be released March 2017.  And the third never-before-published novel in the Ice Princess Trilogy will be released in June 2017.  Unless one of my stories in Queryland comes back demanding attention in the way of a contract offer or a Revise & Resubmit or some other such thing, the Indie ePubs will be my first priority.

***Edited to Add: Just got a request for a Full Manuscript off a query for A Vintage Heart in Hollywood.  So…that was a little prophetic.  Anyway, I’ll push things ahead two days to make sure this manuscript is as pretty as I can get it before I hit Send.  See?  That’s why writing on a schedule works for me.  😉  ***

***Edited to Add Again:  And another request for a Full, this one for Angel & the Cityboy.  That puts the schedule approximately a week out.  Write on a schedule, that’s all I can say right now.  😉 ***

The great thing about having started the publication journey while I still had young children at home is I had to learn how to prioritize and schedule my time.  If I didn’t do that, I couldn’t write.  And if I can’t write, I go nutty.  Now, my children are older and I prioritize and schedule my writing out of habit.  That’s how I get things done.

Happy Wednesday, Blog Buds!

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