Galadriel, My Favorite Elf


You know, besides my own.

Galadriel is so multi-dimensional.  But, I think her appeal is down to her portrayal by Cate Blanchett.  She’s thousands of years old, blasts baddies, talks in Gandalf’s head while Saramun rambles on like your idiot uncle at the family reunion that you have to put up with ’cause Mama said so.  And, yet, still, she smiles and is taken by surprise when Gimli, a dwarf who supposedly doesn’t like elves, asks for one strand of her golden hair.  Amazing.

Cate Blanchett also portrays Queen Elizabeth I in a couple of movies and you know how I’m into the Tudors.  😉

I would tell you my favorite male elf, but at this point I really can’t decide.  It’s like trying to pick out my favorite chocolate chip.