Some Days as a Writer…

…it’s a matter of getting one word right.  That can be frustrating.  Not today.  This is the fourth day of a relentless headache which has absolutely no respect for Tylenol.  And I don’t want to be at the computer more than one word at a time anyway.

Okay, here’s what I got:

Jack:   “Embarrassed?  Oh, because I’m a superficial, self-absorbed Hollywood playboy.”

Robin:   “No.  Because you’re none of that.”

Last time I had a pounding headache I had to write a love scene because an editor was waiting on the story.  Much more difficult.  But, it turned out well.

You know the best writing to do when not feeling well?  Editing.  I’m scary-good at editing when I’m sicker than a calf with the slobbers.  Anyway…

Think I’ll tell my husband to bring home dinner.  Ug.  Any hero can slay dragons, but a real one brings home dinner when his wife feels like crap.