Bracing for the New Year

I’m pretty much recovered from Christmas and, like most people, I can’t wait for 2016 to be over and done with.

I finished highlighting Setting Transitions and Suspense Elements for A Vintage Heart.   I’m taking a week off revising that, so I can come back and see the words for themselves in the Final Polish.

Meanwhile, I’m doing a bunch of things.  My imagination never rests.  Dang annoying sometimes.  I love the voice of Bianca in An American Elf and she’s what keeps me going on this story.  Here is a snippet from the within the first three pages-


“Bianca, this isn’t Kindergarten.” My tall, beautiful, pale-skinned mother stood there, one hand on the door and the other on her hip. She’s human. Well, she used to be.

My adopted step-brother, actually a cousin, turned Mom into a vampire when she died trying to defend my sister at the end of the Newblood War. Then, she married the High Prefect of the Benevolent Oldbloods.

So, yeah, my step-father’s a real blood-sucking politician.

Nice guy though.

I come from a blended family. It’s complicated.


This is my first story written in First Person Point of View.  Sometimes, I think I don’t stick with what I know long enough to get really good at it, but I have a hard time resisting the urge to learn something new.


Debbie & Carrie

I think it’s easy for most people to forget that celebrities are human beings.  They live every day, eat, sleep, drink, make terrible personal choices, make wonderful decisions, fall in love, are blessed with beautiful babies, suffer illnesses, and die.


Carrie Fisher struggled with illness most of her life and I have no doubt her mother felt her every pain, as well as her own.  That’s how it is for mothers and we never grow out of it.


Love your mother, love your daughter, while you still have them with you in this world.  There is no escaping the heartbreak in this life, but the love and joy make it worth the ride.  Please send up a prayer for Carrie’s daughter, Billie.  She came from these two powerful women, but she lost them both almost at once.

Can See the Finish Line

It’s kinda like running the 2-mile in high school and I’m in the middle of the last curve.  I’m working on the Setting Transitions and the Suspense Elements.  Once done, I’ll let my brain rest for a few days because my mind will be too overwhelmed with story images at that point to see the words for themselves.  And then I’ll do the final sweep, paying particular attention to Deep Third POV.  I’ve scheduled myself to be complete with this by January 15th.  This is A Vintage Heart in Hollywood I’m talking about, by the way.  After that, another break and then I’ll juggle my Indie Pubs with An American Elf.  If I focused on just one, I’d quickly get overwhelmed with story images.  Thinking in pictures is great for story creation, but not for revisions or editing.

Zsa Zsa Gabor


Before Paris Hilton, they say, there was Zsa Zsa Gabor, someone who was famous for being famous and rich and beautiful.  I was more familiar with her sister, Eva, because of her role in the t.v. show Green Acres, which I liked for the ‘fish out of water’ trope.  It was sort of a reverse Beverly Hillbillies.  Zsa Zsa passed away just yesterday at the age of 99, which is remarkable in itself.