Professional Childcare Providers & Babies as Human Beings

As a retired Certified Professional Nanny, one of my pet peeves in the Romance genre is when someone is called a nanny who is, actually, a glorified babysitter with no training and little to no experience with children.  Equally annoying is when a baby is treated as cute luggage within the story.


The Governess’s Secret Baby by Janice Preston is neither of those things.

The governess is trained and during a time when few were actually trained.  The baby is adored and well-cared for and truly involved in the story.

In case you’re wondering, a governess is a professional who is also qualified to home educate the children in their care.  That is why Julie Andrews was a governess in The Sound of Music.  Her oldest charge was 16, her youngest, 5, and, if you remember, the Captain wanted her to drill them in their studies.  In modern times, this means she also needs a four-year college degree.

The single parent (uncle) wisely chooses a baby-loving governess for his newly inherited niece because she is already two years old, unlike the book cover.  After losing her mother, the baby will not also lose her nanny when she grows too old for one.