Renovations & Plans

Good morning, Blog Buds!  After my recent boredom with New Releases, I went strolling down memory lane and hit upon a few ideas.


My biggest idea was to find out how all my favorite authors from my old book review blog are doing these days.  I retired Enduring Romance to read-only in 2011 after my first book was ePublished.

I learned a lot from that blog, from the authors and others I encountered through it.  I always heartily suggest starting a book review blog to any writer pursuing publication.  Besides the daily writing practice, you read a lot of books for free, and you get over fear of promotional activity.  You learn what all is involved in publication and it’s not such a big, scary thing anymore.


Secondly, I’ve begun linking my reviews to their book covers and I’m placing them all in the Footer Widgets.  Scroll to the bottom to see.  The kinds of books I’ve reviewed so far fall under the Books, Babies, and Believable Romance.  Others may be called Book Buffet or maybe…um…

Classic Hotties?

Anyway, I’m also signing up as a host for more Blog Tours.  That way I have more of a choice of books to host.  Like I said, I’ve had a hard time in the New Release aisle.

I’m also tweaking the posting schedule.

That’s it for now.