A Vintage Heart in Hollywood

A Contemporary Romance, this is my first completed novel after four years out of my 2F2EE46B00000578-3351607-image-a-68_1449617228198groove due to physical problems.  Regardless of how well it does, the fact that it’s complete and in Queryland is a major accomplishment for me.

This novel came out of nowhere when I was in the middle of writing a Time Travel story.  With elves.  No kidding.  I love all that fun stuff.  I have no idea why A Vintage Heart leapfrogged An American Elf.  But, it did, and here I am.

I have no interest in screenwriting, but some of the tools involved have been extremely helpful in sorting out my messy imagination.  So, here is what I came up with for a logline, just to give you an idea of the story.

*An actor wins his first major role and falls for a grieving widow he must protect from those responsible for her husband’s death.*

The photograph is of the mother of the present Queen Elizabeth II.  The occasion was her engagement to the future King George VI.  Their real life romance has always inspired me.