Angel & the Cityboy

annieportaityoungThis is Annie Oakley, one of our Western foremothers.  She once famously said, “I ain’t afraid to love a man.  I ain’t afraid to shoot him either.”  Guess she set the standard for tough women in Western Romance.

I’m really very proud of myself.  After four years of not writing due to physical problems, I wrote, polished, and launched a novel and a novella into Queryland within the span of just six months.

I can’t remember exactly how this Western Romance novella got started.  Except, I was looking around at the different ePublishers and they seemed to be wanting Western Romance stories.

And I was like, I grew up there.  I can do that!  So, I did.

Not sure where the characters came from.  I put out a casting call in my imagination and BOOM!  They were there.  And I was like, oookay.

The plot?  Well, I love big, messy families and weddings and kids running and screaming all over the place.  It just kinda happened.

Stories come in many different ways.  With this one, I was like, okay, they want a Western Romance and BURP there it is.  I really didn’t have to think about it much at all.  Guess ’cause, like I said, I grew up there.  I’ve seen a lot of bars that would pass for Joe’s Bar & Grill in the story.  I know that people don’t just go there to drink beer and watch the game.  It’s a community place, pet dogs follow their owners in and no one cares.  There really are framed portraits of John Wayne on the wall.

I like to write stories about stuff I know nothing about because that’s how I learn about what I’m passionately curious.  But, sometimes, it is kind of nice to write a story like this one too.

Angel & the Cityboy launched into Queryland yesterday, September 18th.  I only sent it to two places, which is unusual.  First, I was limited by word count.  Only a handful of places accept novellas of about 17,000 words and the story didn’t want to get any bigger.  Then, there were a couple of ePubs that just were not my cup of tea for a variety of reasons.  And finally, there are ePubs who don’t accept *simultaneous submissions.*  They don’t want to look at a story which is being considered elsewhere.

Regardless, Angel & the Cityboy will see the light of day.  I’ll go Indie with it, if neither of those two ePubs want it.  There are so many resources available for Indie now there’s no reason not to.

Here’s the logline-

A Beverly Hills broker crashes his Mercedes on a crazed trip through a Montana blizzard and is rescued by a fierce cowgirl who lets him repay her by pretending to be her boyfriend at a huge family wedding.

Happy trails, my friends.  😉


Edited to add on March 1st, 2017.  This story got leap-frogged by both A Vintage Heart and An American Elf.  No telling when I’ll get back to it now.  I did really enjoy this fictional universe so I will get back to it.  Promise.