Summer Reading List


It’s still a work in progress.  I will reread a few old favorites, like Nefertiti by Michelle Moran and Lottery by Patricia Wood.

Willingham-Michelle-A-Maiden-for-the-Marquess-final-270x405Plus, I want to read new books by favorite authors, like The Champion of Baresh by Susan Grant and A Maiden for the Marquess by Michelle Willingham.

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Plus, a few new ones like Royal Enchantment by Sharon Ashwood


Silicone, the Ultimate in Realistic Dolls

51n2MH+XIML__SX382_BO1,204,203,200_Good morning!  Just researching to learn how to create my first reborn doll and I thought I’d share about silicone dolls.  There are many different levels of realism in Reborns and Silicones are the ultimate.  It really depends on why you’re into collecting realistic baby dolls.  At least at this point in my life, I have no interest in owning a silicone.



I collect realist baby dolls because they cheer me up looking at them, I like to change their clothes, and I enjoy holding them.  It doesn’t really matter to me how realistic tEvangValentinehey look.


I also have real children who want to hold my dolls.  Silicone dolls cost thousands of dollars, are more fragile, and are more difficult to repair.  So, yeah, silicones are really not for me at this point in my life.  However, I am absolutely amazed by them.

Check out this site-

This is the most amazingly realistic doll I have ever seen, at least so far-



I’m Going to Reborn

51n2MH+XIML__SX382_BO1,204,203,200_I’ve made up my mind.  I’m going to learn how to Reborn so I can create this doll, originally sculpted by Linda Murray.

As mentioned, Linda Murray is my favorite doll artist.  My Evangeline from Ashton Drake was originally sculpted by her.


I’m going to start with a cheap Reborn kit to learn how, just needs to be an open-eye doll I can hand-root hair with.  I’ll start that in September.  It’s scary.  But, I really, really want to learn how and that desire has stayed with me for a year now, so it must be real.  Unlike, say, hang-gliding or something.

In other news, our RV is almost here, so I need to solidify my plans to put this blog in summertime mode through about mid-August.

Doll Artists…

0301811001…are like authors.  You quickly find your favorites, though you might love a lot of them.  I am amazed by a lot of dolls, but I would not own most of them.  Why?  Well, I have favorite books that I must always have on hand and near me, because I love them so much.  And the others I don’t.  Same thing.  Like books, if you find a doll you love there’s a good chance the artist will have more dolls you love.  Or she might be associated with another artists you’ll love too.  You’ll quickly learn to recognize a doll as being created by a certain artist, just like you’d know a random story snippet by a favorite author.  Collectible dolls are expensive, so you don’t want to buy one impulsively.  Take your time.  Linda Murray is my favorite doll artist.  She created the sculpt for my Evangeline, also known as “A Moment in My Arms, Forever in My Heart” by Ashton Drake.


Linda Murray –

Ashton Drake –

I love Reborn dolls, but I’m not emotionally ready to own one yet.  They’re too realistic for me and make me think of deceased infants.  One day I may mature beyond that though.  Here’s a link if you want to know more about them-


Why am I thinking about this right now?  Well, I’ve ordered one of my daughter’s her first Ashton Drake doll.  Although she insists this is what she wants, I suspect I may still be more excited than her.


Summertime & the Livin’ is Easy

9780743442701_p0_v1_s192x300Sorry for so much ‘dead air’ around here, but I am supremely distracted during the summer.  I just want to get out and explore and roast hot dogs over a campfire.  I can’t stand it.  Very hard to focus on things like blogging and sitting down to write.


Of course, I keep creating stories in my imagination.  I just can’t keep my butt in the chair and fingers on the keyboard.  My plan is to create a series of posts which will go up automatically throughout the summer.  Yeah, I know.  Good luck with that, right?

The Way Stories Come

Like I’ve said, my stories dump on me like a large pile of jigsaw puzzle pieces which must then put together with no finished picture to go by.  Also, there are tons of extras.

But, how does the dumping start?  Bunch of different ways.

Just yesterday, I was intrigued by the idea of a man falling in love with a woman without realizing it because he’s very visual when attracted to women, but he’s never actually seen this woman.  I haven’t figured out how that’s going to work yet.  That’s as far as I got.

Because sometimes it happens almost instantly and sometimes it takes years.

Like there’s this one character who’s been hanging out in the back of my imagination for about four years now.  And he just got a plot and a leading lady a few months ago.  Poor guy.

And sometimes I’ll be happily writing along and another story will just jump out, leapfrog, and take over.  I try my best not to let that happen, because it’s difficult to finish anything.

I suspect what happens is these stories brew in my subconscious mind for a long time.  Some of them I become aware of right away and others just kinda hang out and enjoy the coffee.

Writing a Story the Way It Should be Told

I’ve written this post a dozen times and deleted it.  Guess I haven’t figured it out yet.  The best authors never stop trying to learn, so I’m in good company.  There are rules, guidelines, formulas, expectations, etc cetera for different genres, sub-genres, traditional publishers, ePublishers, and the many places you can sell Indie Pubs too.  It’s mind-boggling.  Sometimes, it’s hard to just take a breath and write the story.