Books, Babies, and Believable Romance

firstbornThis is the Page dedicated to Book Reviews and Promotions.

I accept recommendations for books to review, but not ARCs.  I buy my own, so I do not feel obligated in any way.  Also, the author gets to keep her royalty that way and buy a milkshake or good cup of coffee on me, ’cause he or she needs it to keep writing great stories.  Please email me or leave a comment, if you have a book recommendation.

My book reviews will be categorized as ‘Books, Babies, and Believable Romance’ and have this computer generated drawing of my daughter as a baby.  Isn’t she beautiful?  She’s grown up now, but Mommy still loves her ever so very much.


The goal for my book reviews is to showcase books which I don’t think get enough attention right now.  I want to see more books featuring believable babies, their caregivers, single parents, and Happily Ever After.

Babies are not cute luggage to park when inconvenient.

Nannies are not inexperienced and disinterested caregivers.  I will never, ever promote a book in which nannies are portrayed as villains.

lookwhostalking_6779Single parents need to find partners who care and bond with their offspring too.  I know because I was raised by a single mom.  Yes, she did find her Happily Ever.

Great sex does not turn a selfish jackass into a faithful husband.  Sorry to burst that bubble.  I’m looking for Romance novels in which the Hero and Heroine develop the relationship skills necessary for living Happily Ever After by The End.  I’ve been married for decades in real life, so I know what those skills are.  😉

There’s a whole lot more to Paranormal Romance besides graphic sex and dark themes and vampires.  I mean, seriously, hasn’t anyone watched Pirates of the Caribbean?  Fun and adventure and light-hearted romance are welcome reads too.  C’mon, we get into PR for the variety.

Finally, there are more ways to tell a Romance story besides splitting the Point of View in 3rd Person equally between the Hero and Heroine.  That way’s good, but it’s turned into a cookie cutter.


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