Summertime with Hercules & Xena

70140394Trying to blog regularly, but, goshdarnit, summer is here and it’s so hard to not be distracted by the great out-of-doors.  My youngest child is turning into a fishing fanatic and my only begotten son is getting ready for his first plane trip to visit family.  During downtime, it’s not summer without Hercules the Legendary Journeys




and Xena Warrior Princess


Not sure why.  It’s just a family tradition, I guess.

Anne of a Thousand Days


I don’t know about other writers, but there are stories in my head I really do not want to tell for various reasons.  One of them is set in Tudor England.  Part of my problem with it is that time period has been done to death, largely because it was so well recorded.  How can my twist on it ever make an impact?  Did you know Anne Boleyn still has a fan base five hundred years after her death?  Look it up.

Did you know Genevieve Bujold was the first choice to play Captain Janeway on Star Trek Voyager?  Well, I am Trekkie, so I know these things.  Watch Anne of a Thousand Days and you’ll see what a beauty she was in her youth.  Wow.

In fact, I’m such a fan of Tudor England that I can’t watch any film portrayal of Anne Boleyn than Natalie Dormer in The Tudors.


No matter how much I love Philippa Gregory’s work.  This is Anne’s sister, Mary, by the way, as portrayed by the amazing actress, Scarlett Johansson.


Oh, well, I do have a bunch of stories stacked up like pancakes that need my attention before I ever get to An American Elf in Tudor England anyway.

Watch old Historical Fiction films.  Visit museums.  Pop over to the History Channel’s website.  😉

Fantasy Historicals & Time Travel

This Time Travel Romance is by my favorite regular Historical Romance author.

Willingham-Michelle-A-Maiden-for-the-Marquess-final-270x405Great cover, right?

I couldn’t help but notice that these two gorgeous books were put out by the same publisher.  A mere coincidence?  I think not.


I really liked her cover for Hypnotic City too.

And finally, we have this beauty-