The Free Serial Short Story is Complete

I just posted the sixth and final chapter of The Finding of the Ice Princess.

Now, I must focus my writing energy on the final revisions of A Vintage Heart in Hollywood.  That should be complete in January.  Then, I can begin revisions of the first real novel in the Ice Princess Trilogy, which I will Indie Pub.  I’ve been curious about Indie Pub for a while and I’m looking forward to the learning experience.

Anyway, here’s how to get there-

Ch. 4 of My Free Serial Story is Up

The Finding of the Ice Princess has its own blog.  You can pop over and read it for free at

I’ve actually been struggling with whether or not to Indie Pub this previously ePublished set of stories.  I put in so many hours the first time around.  Do I have enough passion to see this project through to the end?  Again?  I think maybe I do.  I love the White Knight character, Tristan Li.  Yes, I named him after one of King Arthur’s knights on purpose.  He’s the hero of the second novel, so I haven’t written him as much as the other characters.  He’s over a hundred years old and full of dimension.  So, we’ll see.

Chapter Three of My Free Serial Short Story is Up

The Finding of the Ice Princess continues at the new blog I set up for this fictional universe-

I’m far enough into the posting of this Short Story to realize the trilogy itself is going to take longer to revise and Indie Pub.  At this point, I’m thinking I won’t have Book One out until after the New Year.  I need to juggle it with that Revise & Resubmit project I have going on for A Vintage Heart in Hollywood.  Folks, this is why I write on a schedule.

Also, it might be useful to point out that I need to work on two writing projects at once.  Every storyteller has their own strengths and weaknesses.  And we all have to figure out what to do about them.  Working on two very different stories at once helps me manage the emotional cost.  By working on two at once, I never stay in one fictional universe long enough to get emotionally overwhelmed by it.  That’s just me.  Your mileage may vary.  Do what works for you.  ;_

Free Serial Story Starting Today

I’ve gotten the rights back to a previously ePublished short story of mine.  I’ve revised it, retitled it, and I’m going to begin releasing it today, one chapter each Friday.  The Finding of the Ice Princess is seven chapters long.

At some point during those seven weeks, I will release it as a free eBook which you can download, complete with cover art.  This is a learning curve for me, so I can’t tell you exactly when yet.

The release of the serial story chapters will lead up to the release of the first novel in the Ice Princess Trilogy, which is titled Newblood and the Ice Princess.  These stories were also previously ePublished and will be revised.

I’ve always wanted to try Indie Pub.  And now I am!  The trilogy will be promoted, as others in Indie Pub have done.  I love to learn cool new stuff.  I’m hoping this will help me learn how to better promo my future projects too.

Okay, I’m off to put final touches on the first chapter of The Finding of the Ice Princess.

The Finding of the Ice Princess


waterhouse_hylas_and_the_nymphs_manchester_art_gallery_1896_15*This is a painting by John William Waterhouse, one of my favorite artists.  I find his work so inspiring.  The girl on the far right is my favorite.  She looks like my Ophelia.*

Writing, writing, writing, what do we do?  We write, write, write.

Okay, so I kicked those Requested Fulls out the door for A Vintage Heart in Hollywood and Angel & the Cityboy.  And it’s back to ye olde schedule.

In the post below, I described a story I have to go after Angel & the Cityboy.  It’s about the founding of the Winterborn Ranch in 1883.  I have several on-deck for A Vintage Heart in Hollywood too.  You know how it is when you just can’t leave well enough alone.  Seriously, it’s a good idea to have a few stories ready to go in the same fictional universe, just in case one takes off and readers want more.

For right now though, I’m back to revising and preparing my previously ePublished stories for Indie Pub.  The first one will be my test subject, since I’ve never done this before.

The Finding of the Ice Princess is a short story and has been retitled since its original publication.  The reason is trends and because I’ve since decided to clarify within the stories that the twin sisters are, in fact, elves.  This lends itself to a more mythological feel and fairytales.  Likewise, the cover art will be very different. I had to change the cover art anyway, because that was not my creation and I have no right to it at all.  I am okay with that, although the second ePublisher provided the most gorgeous cover art!  I can’t afford the artist right now, but if I go Indie on a later project I will look her up.

I will release one chapter of The Finding of the Ice Princess each Friday starting on October 14th.  That’s one week from today.  I will continue to post one chapter each Friday until it is complete.  At some point during that time, I will release the eBook for Free, if Amazon Digital allows that.  I’m still learning.

This serial blog story will lead up to the release of the first novel in the Ice Princess Trilogy the last week in November.  I need to seek out ideas for promo on that one, because that’s kind of like, you know, official Indie Pub, the real thing.

Okay, so I’m off to work on that.  Happy Friday!

250px-amore_e_psiche_1P.S. I also love the work of Antonio Canova



and Francois Gérard and William-Adolphe Bouguereau.  In a writing slump?  Visit an art gallery.  😉

Edited to Add:   Went searching for the perfect picture for The Finding of the Ice Princess, which is set entirely in Alaska.  Wanted a snowy mountain shaped like a castle.  Found one.  It’s of a real mountain in Alaska.  🙂  Ha!  Figures.  The elves in question are from Iceland, which is on the same latitude as Alaska.