Chapter Two of ‘Finding of the Ice Princess’ is Up

If you haven’t read Chapter One, here it is-

And here is Chapter Two-

This FREE Serial Short Story will be posted, chapter by chapter, each Friday until complete.  You can find each chapter in a link list on the new blog’s sidebar.

Don’t expect this to be a complete story!  It is a ‘prequel’ to the Ice Princess Trilogy.  Although imperfect, I hope it gives you a free taste of good things to come.

Indie Pub is a *learning curve* for me and The Finding of the Ice Princess is my test subject.  At this point, my plan is to buy the image for its cover art week after next and, at that point, I will create the eBook version.  Then, it will be available to download as a complete story, presumably ahead of the full thing being posted here.

Once I’m past that step, I’ll have a more realistic idea of when I can create and release the first complete novel in the trilogy, which is Newblood and the Ice Princess.  I’m going to promo that one with a blog tour and the whole bit.

So, there you go, my weekly update for this fictional universe.  Hope you like it!