Summertime with Hercules & Xena

70140394Trying to blog regularly, but, goshdarnit, summer is here and it’s so hard to not be distracted by the great out-of-doors.  My youngest child is turning into a fishing fanatic and my only begotten son is getting ready for his first plane trip to visit family.  During downtime, it’s not summer without Hercules the Legendary Journeys




and Xena Warrior Princess


Not sure why.  It’s just a family tradition, I guess.

Stock Up On Your Favorite Books


I love Amazon Ink for the world-building most of all.

This is great promo and I hope people do this for me one day.  Buy extra copies of your favorite books and give them away, instead of lending them out.  Doesn’t feel right to ask for a book back.  That’s like taking an ice cream cone from a little kid!  So, the new reader falls in love with the book and runs out and buys up the author’s backlist.  She’s hooked.  That’s how it works.  Pretty cool, huh?  I found two of my favorite books at the second hand store today.  I’ve lost count how many copies of these books I’ve already given away.


This is the first Lisa Shearin book I ever read and her debut novel.


Blogging Schedules…

…changes coming.  I’ve already stopped blog tour hosting for the summer.  Besides my regular posting, I’m working behind the scenes to write and schedule posts to go up automatically while I’m off-line.  My priority at this time is my Indie Pub, then this blog.  If I get a request on a story out, that will jump to the top.



On this day in 1944, thousands of teenagers and young adults whose parents survived the Flu Pandemic of 1918 and who grew up during the Great Depression stormed the beaches of Normandy and saved the world.  They chose to be awesome despite crappy childhoods and poverty-stricken parents.  So, suck it up, Buttercup.  Get out there and choose to be awesome too.

Vets say Saving Private Ryan is the most accurate portrayal of D-Day.  Check this out and then get the movie, if you haven’t already.


Saddle Up for Summer

9780743442701_p0_v1_s192x300Presently, I’m brainstorming and planning my writing and online presence for the summer, since I will be pretty much off-line for about six weeks.  I will check email at least once a week and keep in touch with any writing commitments I might have.  But, for the most part, I want to get back to my Wild West roots and enjoy.  Will keep you posted, partner.  Yee-haw!

A Vintage Life in England

My thoughts turn to England these days and, of course, I have a Vintage Heart.  If you want to have a Vintage Heart in England, I recommend these Historical Reality Shows set in World War II.  These are real people living like it used to be.  Wartime Farm features historical experts, but the others feature everyday Britons yearning for the past.


My favorite one is 1940’s House.  It focuses on one family, which lets you really get to know them and see greater details of everyday life with the constant threat of bombs, rationing, and the ol’ Anderson Shelter.


The second is Coalhouse at War.  This one is set in Wales, so you get to meet a variety of dialects and such.  You also get to see how a *community* functions together, a school, a wartime factory full of women, and men down in a dark, dangerous coal mine.


Finally, there’s Wartime Farm.  Before the war, most of Britain’s food was imported.  So, they really had to come together and figure out how to feed their people.  They also took in refugees from the much more dangerous cities and kept watch for enemies.  They even flew messenger pigeons.